If heroes alone are not enough … the world needs legends. Rip Hunter, who pursues the future, will desperately try to keep the time-hunted Rogue Hunter from gathering a group of heroes and villains to face an unstoppable threat, one in which not only the planet is at stake, but also the whole time. Can this team of dice overcome an immortal threat like never before?


First episode date: January 21, 2016
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama
Network: The CW
Production location: Vancouver


“Arrow” and “The Flash” have a new superhero company in the CW series with the addition of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”. After recognizing the fate of the future, time traveler Rogue Rip Hunter realizes that heroes alone are not enough to avoid the imminent catastrophe that threatens not only the planet, but all the time itself. Rip, who is involved in recruiting Heroes and Villains, bring together a team of diverse talents, including Sarlance, Ray Palmer and Heatwave.