“The Wall” is a wildly unpredictable, fast and easy game, with more than $ 12 million on the line every night. Four floors high, the wall was built with a goal: to change the lives of the people. With big cash prizes waiting at the bottom, this game can change lives in an instant. Remember to enter the wall, the wall can be removed.


First episode date: December 19, 2016
Presented by: Chris Hardwick
Original network: NBC
Program creator: Andrew Glassman


Filled with drama and action, this is a game that can have roots for the whole family reunited. Executive producer LeBron James is a challenge that is infused with the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, where ordinary people can achieve their dreams with a ball jump. Presented by comedian Chris Hardwick and in a large bright arena focusing on the colossal 40 foot wall, the gameplay involves quick thinking, clever strategy and a bit of luck. Interpreted by peer candidates, this is an unpredictable journey with huge swings in fortune and millions of dollars passing through the hands of candidates all the time.