MTV is allowing viewers the opportunity to conquer their fears with a refreshment of the breakthrough series “Fear Factor”. Ludacris is hosting the new delivery, tailor-made for the production, which is increasingly empowered, while also more fear than ever before. Filled with new tricks inspired by urban legends, popular horror movies and viral videos of current cultural zeitgeist, “Fear Factor” candidates confront their fears, are pushed over their comfort zones and take action against some of the older stress factors.


Release date:30 May 2017 (USA)
Original network: MTV
Theme song: Fear Factor Theme Song
Presented by: Joe Rogan, Ludacris
Genre: Game-Show, Action, Adventure


A group of candidates is required to run a series of terrible and / or disgusting stunts to eat driving a course of something really bad dangerous. If a candidate refuses a challenge fails a challenge or has the worst performance in a challenge, the candidate is eliminated from the competition. The candidate or team that has managed to complete all maneuvers, including the last final in the fastest time, wins the $ 50,000 prize. The rest? Well, they do not get anything except maybe a swig of worms.