Eight single guys and girls face to face in the beach looking for love and they enjoy their summer holiday in paradise.However one by one, their idea of romance of holiday will be spoiled as their ex’s turn up.

Release date: 22th April 2014
Genre:Reality-TV, Romance and Drama
Network: MTV
Stars: Jordan Davies, Ashley Cain,Jemma Lucy, Kayleigh Morris, Olivia Walsh, Stephen Bear and others….

When eight smokers singles and hot girls in paradise come for a dream vacation of sun, sea, sex and good times now if life was that easy because as things initially put it scorching, MTV brings your exes to break with the party – one by one! When the eight members of the original cast wondered “whose ex-now?” The problem in paradise still thickened confused as love triangles web of lust, love and hate. Under the cast is attractive star Vicky Pattison moody Geordie Shore is her very public breakup and the recent series of new types through a hell of a surprise If she is reunited with her ex at the beach.