The comedy series about the brother of bachelor and his newly divorced sister who is alive again under the same roof. Together, they train each other through the crazy world of dating while setting up their teenage daughter.


First episode date: October 7, 2015
Network: Hulu
Program creator: Zander Lehmann


You can come home-more or less. Licensed Alex Cole finds his liferecently divorced sister in this original Hulu series. During this time but he and his sister are adults and are reflected in the waters of the dating pool – all the while trying to raise their teenage daughter Valerie, dipping her feet in the dating pool. Everyone seems to have only incidental relationships, so the title of the show: Valerie because they recently divorced and trying to have fun; Alex, because he’s a stereotypical kind of bachelors still growing; And Laura, because she’s a teenager. But the new residential mediation turns out to be a learning experience for all, interrupted course through typical shows fictitious given devices, overnight, parents visits, etc., leading to moments of joy, you can among which will take real nuggets found.