Superman: prostheses and implants exoskeleton suits that blind the blind and allow the pigeons to hear the bionic organs, that people give a new life; Bionics and prosthetic s amazing progress today make this more like a representation of the science-fiction future.


Release date: 4th January 2016 (USA)
Network: FOX
Director: Russell Norman
Stars: Katelyn Benton, John Bieniek, Will Brown
Genre:Game-Show, Family


Hosted by actor Kal Penn, this competition will be jaw-hour testing series the skills of ordinary people trying to use their extraordinary skills to win a grand prize of $ 50,000. In each episode, five competitors who have significant ability to almost superhuman in areas such as memory, ear, taste, touch, smell, sight and more are challenged to push their skills to the limit, but only one to bring home the Superhuman title and first prize of $ 50,000.