Big Brother is a reality show on an original Dutch television series of the same name by producer John de Mol in 1997. The series follows a group of well-known candidates as house guests set up together at home in a customary live under constant vigilance. Hotel guests are completely isolated from the outside world and can not communicate with those who are not at home. Participants will determine competing for a $ 500,000 prize, with weekly contests and evictions that win the show. The series is named after the character of George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four in 1984. The series was released a successful start on 5 July 2000.


First released date: 5th July 2000
Network: CBS
producer by: Janelle Pierzina
Stars: Julie Chen, Phil Proctor, Clayton Halsey
Genre: Game-Show and Reality-TV


Julie Chen leads the 19th season of the reality contest, which is full of epic challenges, juicy romances and surprising eliminations. Candidates are struggling every week in this combination of a reality show and a game show in order to keep their seats in the house, all waiting to claim the $ 500,000 prize, which is awarded at the end of the summer. Viewers should expect the unexpected as the drama unfolds, including head-home competitions and live-dump episodes.